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Dive Sites

The vast majority of our dives are on the Izu Peninsula. The closest dive spots in Izu are less than an hour away from Tokyo by train. The east, west and south all contain slightly different diving character. The islands are my favorite, and we run weekend trips by ferry in the warm season. Chiba is a new addition full of great sea life

The East cost of Izu is a mix of gentle slopes and rising cliffs.  Fast access from Tokyo and abundant sea life make the East an attractive option.  East coast dive sites include Atami, Izu Ocean Park (IOP).

The West coast of Izu is perhaps one of the most beautiful seascapes in all of Japan.  It's a bit farther to travel, but great visibility below the water and Mt. Fuji views above are well worth it.  West coast dive sites include Osezki, Kumomi and Koganeaki Beach Park.

Off the southern tip of the Izu Peninsula, the ocean holds some of the best diving in mainland Japan.  Small reef creatures as well as pelagic species can be found here, and of course Hammerhead sharks gather in fall. The premier Southern Izu dive site is Mikomoto.

Stretching south from the Izu peninsula, the Izu Islands are arguably the most beautiful dive destinations in the Kanto area. The islands are an overnight ferry ride away, but a world apart from the metropolitan life. Subtropical, green landscapes and rich marine life await those who join these weekend escapes. Some of my absolute favorite dive spots in Japan are on these islands.

A relatively new addition to our dive menu, Chiba offers some fantastic dive opportunities. If you like larger marine creatures, this is the destination for you. Sharks, rays, Grouper and Bumpheads galore can be found here.

In this section, we'll keep information on miscellaneous locations that we do not visit often (perhaps annual events) and/or are far way and do not fit into the locations above.

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