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East Izu

Perhaps the most attractive feature about the Atami dive site is access; Atami Station is just 40 minutes from Tokyo, and the dive center is just 10 minutes from Atami station. 

Atami also has boat diving to several fantastic sites, all just 10 minutes from shore.  The sites are varied, offering sandy bottom, rocky surfaces, and deep walls.  Atami also covets one of the only diveable wrecks in all of mainland Japan: the well-known Chinsen.  This wreck is 100% packed with soft corals, sponges and other sea life, and lies well within recreational depths.  This is a “must dive” for any visitor.

Atami's soft corals are nothing less than amazing, especially at the dive site Soldaine.

Izu Ocean Park (IOP)

IOP is located on the east coast of the Izu peninsula about 90 minutes south of Atami by car, and can also be reached from Ito station in about 30 minutes. 

This is perhaps the most beautiful shore diving site in all Japan, both above and below the water.  The site facilities are top-notch and the gently rolling hills of the large property are covered with green grass, palm trees and picnic tables.

IOP has a staggering variety of underwater habitats to experience.  There is sandy bottom, rocky bottom, kelp, and several spectacular walls packed with soft coral and other creatures.  Napoleon Fish, halibut, Parrot Fish, squid and lion fish are just some of the many kinds of life you can share the water with here.  

Current is rare and the site offers both shallow and deep diving, making this an excellent experience for both novice and experienced divers. 

This pool, close to Tokyo, has become our main pool for confined water training. It's just one stop from Atami, so fast to get to. 

The pool has a shallow area (120cm) ideal for OW training, finning and lap swims. There is also a deep pool, about 4 meters, used for buoyancy training, rescue and advanced skills.

The pool temp is 29-30C, so always nice and wam; good for Fall through Spring training.

There are, of course, pools within Tokyo, but they cost 3-5 times as much for in-water time.

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