For all our courses, I prefer modular pricing. At the onset of the course, a student will be charged the instruction and textbook fees. As the course progresses, the student will be charged for pool and dive site fees at the time they are incurred. This way, if a student takes shorter or longer than an average course, the fee is fair for both student and instructor. Typical totals are included for each course where applicable.

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Please be sure to check the course description on the appropriate Education Page  for a full itemization of all the total anticipated costs involved in each course. 

Course Pricing


OW= Open Water  Dive;   CW= Confined Water Diver;  Opt= Optional;   *Instructor fee includes agency certification fee unless otherwise noted (text extra). Please see appropriate education page for a full description of all anticipated course fees. Above does not include transportation and overnight stay for multi-day courses, and some rental needs. For descriptions of those items, please refer to Education Page.

General Dive Pricing


Notes: Gear can be provided at any site, however the above prices do not include any gear rental or course fees. See below for equipment costs, and above for course fees. (+) in the dive column indicates that more dives are available at an extra cost. (+) in the price column means that the price listed is the minimum, and actual may be higher depending on location.

Other Miscellaneous Pricing


*Full Kit rental includes BC, Regulator, wetsuit, booties, fins, mask, snorkel and weights.