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This is a complete, basic backplate/wing BC. It includes: HOG Stainless Steel (or AL) plate, HOG Singles wing (23 or 32lb wing), Hogarthian webbing harness and all required stainless fittings (custom fit for you), weight pockets (2), and tank straps (2). The "Basic" set does NOT include STA, but you can add that as an option.

On the wing size, I recommend 32 lb for 95% of folks' needs out there. The 23 lb makes a great travel/pool wing, and great for kids, too. 

The STA (Single Tank Adapter) is not totally necessary, but many folks do feel that the system feels more solid and the BC holds the tank more securely with the addition of the STA. I use STA, except in the pool. 

Backplate material and color:
Sets are also available with aluminum backplates. AL plates are sometimes favored by travelers to lighten their load, though I like the in-water balance of steel, so I always carry my stainless rig. AL is also a good choice for children, especially when using steel tanks. AL is available in "stealth" black or "hey look at me" red.


Color Update:

Red webbing is available now...+JPY 1,000 (plus 8% tax)

Bladder can usually be had with color (red) on sides

Stainless steel plates are all silver

Pre/Post 8% Tax Prices:

  • Basic BC (w/ SS or AL plate, plastic buckels, no STA) - JPY 46,944/50,700
  • Add SS tank band buckles - JPY 1,342/1,450
  • Add STA - JPY 4,037/4360


  • HOG Brand (Highly Optimized Gear) - High Quality at reasonable pricing
  • Zipper Bladder cover allow user replacement if inner bladder
  • Donut wing design ensures easy gas venting
  • Weight pockets carry 2kg each
  • Custom-fit by the Big Dog
  • Free harness adjustments for 1 year

Complete Singles BC - BP/Wing

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