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D80 hand-held primary light

Limited time pricing! First 5 only.


Very excited to offer this new products from a small maker I am associated with. A close "homage" to an established brand item. This baby is well-built, 100m tested and will soon be my go-to light. 


Order details...we will take orders for the first 5 lights, place the order and then have in two weeks (anticipated). 


See details below:


  • 1100lm 8degree spot light
  • 3+ hrs burn time at max-output,5+ hrs at half。
  • Aluminum housing max depth at 150m
  • Magnet switch(hold to on/off tap to switch brightness). No "hole" in housing for switch. 
  • Quick adjustment goodman handle can fit all hands and also protect the lighthead. (Very cool!). Nice, large knob, allows fast and secure adjustment of the handle size to fit all hand sizes and glove thickness. Fast swivel and lock into transport/protectioive mode.
  • Battery is Panasonic (the best one on the market), battery spec Lazer curved on battery body for flight safety check. Can change to back-mount or side-mount canister mode for double burntime. (additional charge, see photos)
  • One year warrantee

D80 hand-held primary light

¥44,990 Regular Price
¥39,990Sale Price
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