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This is a complete regulator for double tank diving (manifold doubles); high performance, solid, and value-priced. The set includes HOG D1 or D3 Cold water/Env sealed Yoke first stage (2) (Cold water/Env sealing is optional), Two (2) HOG Zenith second stages with adjustment for both cracking pressure and Venturi effect, All braided nylon hoses (high pressure hose optional) in the DIR configuration (long hose 84" primary and bungee necklace secondary), HOG black 2" SPG, two (2) bolt snaps and bungee for backup reg. This set is totally assembled by the Big Dog. 

Both the D1 and D3 first stages have swivel turrets and a 5th LP port that allows for easy routing for manifold doubles. The D3 and D1 are the same cost, and the D3 is slightly smaller and in stealth black, so for the same money, I'd go with the D3.

High pressure hose for SPG (24") can be either nylon braided or traditional rubber. Please specify. Rubber is tried and true. Some makes of nylon in HP have suffered failure in past years, although I have not read of such failures in recent years. The choice is yours. Nylon hoses are significantly lighter and more flexible.

Prices (pre/post 8% tax)

  • Regs - JPY 75,093/81,000
  • Add CW kits - JPY 3,519/3,800



  • High Quality/value-priced HOG brand
  • First stages (Both D1 and D3) have a 5th LP port which allows for easier hose routing
  • All nylon hoses (lighter and more flexible)
  • Solid and dependable "brass and glass" SPG (bar)
  • First stage is Env. sealed for cold water use are optionl for both D1 and D3 (of course warm water also OK)
  • Zenith second stages adjust for both cracking pressure and Venturi effect

Doubles Regulator set, DIN, HOG Brand

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