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Trident Comfort Bite Mouthpiece w/ zip tie

OEM Apeks mouthpieces are about JPY 2,000 at the shops in Tokyo. The Trident replacements are half the price, and I keep a couple in my save-a-dive kit. Trident is a huge, faceless maker/distributor of dive-related goods and accessories. 

  • Fits both Apeks and HOG regs (and others, you need to check size)
  • Hypoallergenic silicone. 
  • Rather comfortable.
  • Comes with a replacment zip tie
  • A bit softer than OEM Apeks...that may be a positive or negative depending on diver preference.

I've got about half a dozen of these. When they are gone, they are gone and I'll likely stock another product, price yet unknown. 


Price (pre/post 8% tax)

  • JPY 1,000/1,080

Mouthpiece Replacement, Comfort Bite

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