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45" SMB (signal marker buoy) and 30 meter spool set. SMB color; (Yellow preferred, but sometimes only orange is available), line color varies, but is usually orange or white. This set is essential for advanced, professional and technical divers. 

The delrin spool comes with a stainless steel double-ender. The line of approximately 30 meters is a good balance of size and utility. It can be used as a deco platform for technical dives, as the first deco stop for moderate technical dives is often 21 meters.

In my experience, this 45" SMB is the ideal size for striking a balance between portability and visibility. If diving in a livaboard situation, those divers should consider carrying a larger SMB for greater visibility, as the risk of loss carries greater consequences.

We choose to carry and sell the yellow dayglow color as it is much more visible than orange. 

These SMB are closed circuit, have oral inflation and over pressure valves (OPV).

Price (pre/post 8% tax)

  • JPY 8,519/9,200

SMB/Spool Combo

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