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Essential Communication

Sometimes, there is no signal substitute for communicating complex ideas. Also good for saving common ideas, pictures, sentences to reuse. Good place to store rock bottom values, deco tables, and other reference information. Good to stow in pocket.

  • Markable, waterproof-ish pages
  • Comes with crappy pencil (Unfortunately, the industry standard. We can show you a good replacement)
  • Required equipment for Tech
  • HIGHLY recommended for Leadership (great place to store dive briefing outline/notes)
  • Cordura outer cover has two elastics, one to keep a place in the pages, one to hold the book closed
  • Inner pages are repaceable

Optional (highly recommended) Stainless bolt snap can be attached for you before shipping, to secure to bungee in your pocket.


Prices (pre/post 8% tax)

  • WetNotes - JPY 2,778/3,000
  • Add bolt snap - JPY 824/890

Wet Notes

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