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Discovery Divers Tokyo is proud to carry two brands of dry suit exposure protection; Aqualung/Whites and Fourth Element.

Aqualung/Whites has a new series of budget dry suits that have been voted best value by a number of magazines in the US: the Fusion One for men, and the Fusion Essence for women. I have tried several dry suits in my day, and I am now a big fan of the Fusion design. It offers excellent mobility and suit air management. With the introduction of aggressive pricing on these two models, they are now an excellent value, as well. 

Fourth Element has a really winner in their Argonaut. It's a full feature suit that is super rugged and super functional. 

The Fourth Element pricing displayed on this site represents Japan's MSR (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail). If you're interested in buying a Fourth Element product, please contact me for pricing.

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