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South Izu

Mikomoto is all the way at the southern tip of the Izu peninsula.  Many people attest that this is some of the best diving in Japan, and perhaps the world.  Mikomoto is about 2 1/2 hours from Atami. 

Due to its distance, trips to Mikomoto are generally weekend excursions.  Mikomoto is all boat diving centered around rocky pinnacles that lie underwater.  These pinnacles are natural magnets for sea life both big and small.  Divers will be treated to pristine reef creatures that inhabit the rocks as well as larger pelagic species of fish in the open water. Mikomoto is an excellent diving location year round, but becomes especially exciting September through November when Hammerhead sharks gather here during their migration south. 

The possibility of currents makes this an excursion for experienced divers; Advanced is an absolute requirement for this site.

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