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West Izu

Osezaki is located on the west coast of the Izu Peninsula, about 1 hour from Numazu station. 

Due to it’s uniquely protected location, divers can experience Osezaki during wind and current conditions that would normally close most other Izu dive sites. Osezaki is a large site with many different diving services inhabiting the beachfront.

This shore diving site has several different entry points that offer variety; sandy bottoms strewn with rocks, soft coral and whip coral, and steep descents to recreational limits.  Schools of both small and large fish are found throughout.  Current is usually absent or mild and the variety of depth make it interesting for both novices as well as experienced divers. 

A bonus…night diving is available at Osezaki on both Saturday and Sunday evenings all year long!

Additional note:  
Osezaki is a tech friendly location.  Divers are permitted to bring their own single or double tanks and stages.  Divers can also have their own tanks filled on location.  Nitrox is available.

This wonderfully quaint little seaside town is located on the west coast of Izu to the south.  Kumomi can be reached from Atami in about 90 minutes.

Kumomi is renowned for an underwater collection of huge boulders that form a labyrinth of fish-filled caverns and swim-through tunnels.  It’s an undersea playground for divers of all levels! 

Boats bring divers the short distance to the dive site.  Minshuku style lodging with excellent local seafood make for great evenings chatting with other divers, trading stories and pictures form the day’s dives.

A general lack of current and variety of depth make this site safe and enjoyable for all levels of divers. 

Diving in Ugusu is located within a national park called Koganezaki Beach Park.  This park is situated on the west coast of Izu about an hour north of Kumomi.  It can be reached from Atami in about 1 1/2 hours.

This easy entry/exit shore dive site is in the beautiful national park called Koganezaki Park. You'll see a rocky wall that drops off to a white sandy bottom. A variety of sea life abounds in both of these areas.  The max depth is about 20 meters, and there is almost never current, so this site is ideal for all levels of divers. 

Night diving is available every Saturday nights from May 15 until September 15, and then you can see all the other creatures that come out at night.  Nitrox is available by reservation. 

The facilities of Ugusu are quite nice.  The grass-covered site is deal for picnicking and is perched on a protected bay, which is surrounded by cliffs and wooded areas.  There are plenty of showers and a hot tub to relax in after dives.  For overnight accommodation, there are dorm-style rooms, as well as spacious log cabins for larger groups.

There is also excellent boat diving, that is very reminiscent of Atami in it's abundance of soft corals.

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